TPR: My Gestures…

TPR: My Gestures…


I have been promising this blog for MONTHS…. In July, I started filming Boomerang’s of me, doing my gestures. These are hysterical little videos, but TOTALLY impractical. It wasn’t until I saw Elissa McLean’s video that I thought, I should really just FILM all of my gestures and post, because uploading all of this gifs is GOING TO TAKE FOREVER, and then they can’t be on YouTube unless I splice them all together…. So… the world’s most complicated blog has now gone to the most simple….

Here are three videos: the FIRST is an explanation of how I create and “pick” my gestures, the SECOND is high frequency words I hope to cover in Spanish 1a and some of 1b. The last is what I hope to cover in Spanish 2a. Granted, I am non-targeted so it is NEVER in this order, nor is it ever predictable. I never know when I am going to be facilitating what language, it comes organically and naturally. I hope this helps you, and I hope you’re having a FABULOUS week!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Until next time,

Happy Teaching!


La Maestra Loca




  1. Kristin D

    The blinking is a great addition to wagging your finger for SHOULD! <3 all your posts!!! ¡Gracias!

  2. Kristin D

    Love the 2nd gesture for “going to” . Yes!! Also loving your “seems like” gesture. So many of our gestures are almost the same! I use your “feels” gesture for “becomes/gets+emotion”. Yeah – my “realizes” is exACTly what you do! <3 Love your "follows"! Can't wait to try it! Finally, your "invita" is soOO cute! 🙂 <3 <3 <3 Thank you!

  3. Liliana Maldonado

    My evening was composed of YOU, and more YOU! Was watching your LIVE with La Loca Brain Breaks when I got an alert from YouTube that you had a new video. So, as soon as I was done watching you on Facebook I went straight to YouTube. Glad I did! Thank you so much!!!! Have a great rest of the week!!!!

    • or just shaking your head, or crossing your arms in front of you before the gesture. The NO is a dead give away for them so they get it quickly

  4. Christina Mendez

    Do you realize how easy it is to get lost for hours in your blogs?! Thank you so much for all the content!

  5. Veruska Panting

    These are great! thank you! However, is there a gesture for “hay”?

    • I’ve seen people do a motion like vana white. almost as if you’re revealing something….

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